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379: ENOUGHness: Skyrocketing success while at the end of your rope

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Release Date: 03/06/2018

From March 6th until a date yet to be determined I will be publishing one episode per week.


Full show notes page at http://www.laurenherrera.com/379

This month we’re exploring the ENOUGHness of self and how it shows up in our bank account & scale.

ENOUGHness Program is officially open!

  • We'll remove old programming keeping you stuck
  • We'll insert new programming to move you forward
  • We'll navigate limiting beliefs that come up (and squash them!)
  • We'll create mantras and beliefs that support YOU personally
  • We'll be super specific with the words we use that will support your new beliefs

Go to http://www.laurenherrera.com/enoughness to register.


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