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The Boom Real Estate Podcast

Episode 107 - OUR 100th EPISODE!!!

The Boom Real Estate Podcast
Released on Mar 14, 2018

Episode 107 - OUR 100th EPISODE!!!

Can you believe that we made it to 100 episodes! We can’t either! In this episode, we re-live our favorite moments from the first 100 shows as we look forward to the next 100. Plus, some never-before-heard moments, too. It’s a bunch of fun, reminiscing while listening to the highlights from our first 18 months of doing this podcast. Hope you enjoy this special episode as much as we did!

(Yes, we know that this is our 107th episode. Just go with it.)



  • 100th episode intro [0:00]
  • Patrick Lilly’s odd health regimen [6:30]
  • Cup ‘o Muffin with Michael Meier [9:11]
  • Seth Price spills his water [11:25]
  • Alyssa Hellman replaces Terry as host of the podcast [13:33]
  • Leigh Brown gives Terry a hard time about pedicures [16:22]
  • The Real Estate Curmudgeon breaks onto the scene [19:50]
  • Megan hates babies [21:39]
  • Todd vs. the wild deer [24:50]
  • Finding inner strength with Peter Lorimer [30:09]
  • Our 2017 predictions [33:00]
  • Todd’s story about his least favorite teacher, Mrs. Anderson [36:26]



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