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Release Date: 03/25/2018

Hey, Pinheads! Don't biff the bumpers, just nudge the podcast machine - DON'T TILT! - and check out this week's kick-out hole of an episode before it goes down the drain. 

Obviously, this week's episode is all about golf. 

Kidding! Don't do a panic flip. 

Now, let me do a lazarus ball to get these show notes back on track. This week, on episode 113, we're playing VIDEO PINBALL, Atari's 1980 port of it's own 1978 coin-op machine. Is the game (and the story therein) a house ball or a gobble hole? Insert your quarters where indicated and let's find out.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs "Take a Chance", "Pinball Spring" and "Reformat". 

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Here's the Mental Floss article where we got the pinball slang used in the episode.