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Patreon Teaser Ep

Dis After Dark - A Disney Theme Parks and Movie Podcast

Release Date: 03/20/2018

Hey DaD listeners!

We have a Patreon set up because, frankly, running 4 podcasts is expensive! One of our incentives is bonus episodes so here is a teaser for our latest one. 

If you want to hear the whole episode, you will need to become a patron member at www.patreon.com/disafterdark where you will also get access to all the other bonus content we have made so far, as well as all our future ones.

Our next full episode will be out after our London Meet Up on the 23rd March. You are welcome to join us if you tweet us @disafterdark, facebook.com/disafterdark or email us at disafterdark@gmail.com and we will provide the location