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Mr HOL:FIT Talks: Supporting Your Partner + Essential Oils for Firefighters


Release Date: 03/29/2018

Today Mr HOL:FIT takes the mic!

Answering the 10 most common questions from the community as well as his natural health routine and essential oils at the firehall. Oil protocol + supplements recommended for Firefighters in particular (see image posted on instagram March 28, 2018)


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Q’s covered today:

Q1: What rank did you think, "Hey there is something to this doTERRA thing.”

Q2: How was it as a husband to see your wife start a business with youbg children. The difficulties whe starting can be time consuming. How was it for you theough it all in the beginning?

Q3: What are specific ways you help Ange in your family business?

Q4: Why do you still work as a fire fighter when you could help Ange with the business? Also, did you initially struggle with her success? How do you keep it real?

Q5: What advice do you have for husbands whose wives have built doTERRA to a point where their job (the husband's) is no longer necessary?

Q6: How do you and Ange schedule life together? How do you determine priorities?

Q7: What made you believe in her leadership? And give her space to create?

Q8: My partner does all the things.... Listens to podcasts to uplevel her mindset, audiobooks recommended by her leaders, classes, one on ones. The works. But she's not reaching her goals. She's been feeling defeated, even started to look at going back to school. BUT I KNOW SHE CAN THRIVE IN DōTERRA. How do I, as her partner, help her to support this dream of hers & keep going to reach her full potential as a Wellness Advocate?

Q9: Did you have a hard time changing to a natural lifestyle?

Q10: What have you found to be key in sharing essential oils effectively with men. Specifically those tough shelled firefighters