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SJS #229 - Dookie Double

The Swervey Jones Show

Release Date: 04/02/2018

We start out the show and Trey is having password troubles on his computer. We're fresh off of the Porkies BBQ Takeover. Trey was bartender for a Special Drink of the Week. We discuss the 4 McDonalds chicken nugget shapes. Trey and Swervey Try the Rick and Morty szechuan sauce. We remember Regular show on Cartoon Network. Swervey and Trey convince Krystal to get another Nickbox. Swervey is redneck Ron Swanson. Trey gives us an update on the  burnt out Kmart. Swervey gets in a wasp fight. The rapey chicken goes to hell, and we end the show with voicemails.

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