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E10: The Great Postcard Giveaway

Released on Apr 2, 2018

What if you collected postcards the majority of your life, then woke up one morning and decided to give away all those postcards? One at a time.

That’s what this week’s guest did. Frank Boscoe created an Instagram site where he documents his Great Postcard Giveaway. Frank asks people to DM their address and he sends them a postcard from his collection. Simple as that. One a day until they’re gone.

I became fascinated with Frank’s story as I follwed him on Insta. But when he mentioned he was going to present a PechaKucha talk about his postcard giveaway, I knew I had to hear more.

And am I ever glad I did. You will be, too. Frank is a fascinating guy, and he started out the show with a quiz in the style of Will Shortz that really got me thinking. He also recommends an app — Unfade Pro — that’s taken my postcard photography up a notch. And he created a special version of his PechaKucha talk for Postcardist listeners.

Click here to see more details on the Postcardist website.

Music in this episode:

Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin, licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.

Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.

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Good luck, we’re all counting on you, from the movie Airplane, sourced under YouTube standard license.

Swing and a miss, the call by Harry Kalas calls the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series in 1908, sourced under a YouTube standard license. All rights reserved by MLB.