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Release Date: 04/08/2018

As you emerge from your chocolate Easter bunny sugar coma, let episode 115 of ATARI BYTES spool soothing wake up game info into your ear holes.

Back in 1980-81-ish, we imagine, the folks at Activision had this new space battle game, sort of a top-down Missile Command with alien invaders and ground forces and lots of laser battles. "What should we call it?" someone asked. They came up with lots of cool options, but couldn't agree on one. It was getting to be 5 o'clock and the production team wanted to get to the bar, so someone said, "Screw it. Let's just call the thing LASER BLAST and get out of here." And so they did.

And now we're playing the most generically named video game since "Combat". But the story within the game is UNIQUE and EXCITING! At least, we think so. Hope you do too.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs "Reformat", "Take a Chance" and "Pinball Spring".

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