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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for week ending 4/7/18

The DC TV Report
Released on Apr 8, 2018

Oh, Arrow. Why do you make it so hard to love you? Ed and Sara tackle this question along with news and recaps of your favorite live action DC TV shows, including promising news about a Y the Last Man adaptation. Also summer camp woes, sister stories, Ed misses the point of a musical, and Sara singing books of the Bible. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about.

Episode recaps:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 12:45

Black Lightning — 23:28

Krypton – 32:25

Gotham – 39:33

Arrow — 47:29

News updates:


Lucifer — 1:06:00

iZombie – 1:07:04

Supergirl — 1:10:48

The Flash – 1:13:40

Y the Last Man – 1:15:09

And as always, Ed and Sara close with the winner of the week: 1:18:41

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