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What are you really here to teach?


Release Date: 04/11/2018

It's Q + A day (add yours here: http://bit.ly/holfitq) but first:

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Okay onto today's questions - the theme that ran through all the Qs today was the role of the teacher: learning, branding, coaching, modelling, unplugging and what true value is (hint hint ... it's not over-giving)

Q1: from Rochelle: For your DoTerra business once you have people that sign up with a wholesale account through a kid or some oils how do you track everything for follow up? Do you have a spreadsheet, do you follow up with people more than once or just guide them towards your resources? Thanks so much, always look forward to listening to your podcast.

----Sub Q on this from Melinda: I'd love to learn the process you take a brand new wholesale customer through once they have enrolled. Do you have a wellness consult with them, do you do Oil Camps...? Also, how often do you follow up with them once they have enrolled, and how do you keep track of where a person is at in your follow up process after their enrollment? Thank you!!!

Q2: from Katie: What would your suggestion be for building the business if my husband thinks not only that it won't work out, but also that he does not want it to work because he likes the security of me being in a corporate job?

Q3: from Kaley: Hey Ange! You are such an inspiration and just wanted to say thank you for doing these Q+As, your vision for teaching is alive and flowing! I have just started to really invest in my leadership visions for my doterra business. I want to create programs to help and attract new members to this beautiful lifestyle, and my problem is there is so many others doing similar things out there. I don't necessarily think that this makes it impossible to sell myself or attract others because we all have different markets but I am nervous about 'stealing' from someone else's creation. I am not intentionally stealing from others but I do see other leaders in doTERRA creating programs, change, or attracting others in different ways and that does give me inspiration to try ways that have succeeded. I guess I am asking, How do I create with stepping on others toes or frustrating other leaders?

Q4: from Gemma: Hey Ange - my question: Iā€™m currently a Silver leader in doTERRA (almost Gold). Every time I have a mentor call with any of my front line leaders I feel like it turns into a counselling session šŸ˜† I had a lot of work to do on myself at the beginning of my biz (on my mindset etc) and during this time is when I attracted my current builders. I feel like during these calls I just listen to excuse after excuse from them. I truly want to help them but Iā€™m finding it draining. Half of me wants to help but the other half of me almost wants to cut loose, Gold space for them to go out and do their own personal development whilst I focus on building the vibrant business and attracting new, fresh leaders (although I almost feel selfish for this). I would love some advice on this (If you can make sense if it šŸ˜†) Much love! X

Q5: from Lynda: What's your best advice on closing a successful class and having people enrol? Thank you ā™„


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