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Stigma and Language

Released on Apr 15, 2018

In this episode:

David speaks with a long time friend about her thoughts on addiction and the stigma that often surrounds it. As a person recovering from addiction, Sarah is first hand going through many of the pitfalls people facing addiction deal with.

In the second portion of the show we speak with Daniel Snyder who is an advocate for fighting the negative stigma associated with addiction. Daniel and David discuss how just simple adjustments to our language when referring to addiction can make a difference in perpetuating this stigma. 

Be sure and follow Daniel on Twitter, he posts some very insightful information about fighting the negative stigma. You can find him on Twitter at or by adding him, his handle is @danielsnyder1 

Daniel is also a huge part of the website which is site dedicated to giving people hope through various stories and articles. So be sure to check it out.

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As always, thanks so much for listening and remember, never quit quitting!