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384: EMBODIED WEEK 2: Jennie Gall: How a debilitating knee injury grew into positive self talk & a thriving business

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Release Date: 04/15/2018

EMBODIED week 2: These eight upcoming episodes are here for us to understand how to use Law of Attraction and purposeful manifestation to transform our bodies. Physical transformation is not solely diet & exercise and we'll explore why! Every other week we'll alternate between an interview of a fitness friend who has had an experience that could have destroyed her and how she learned to love herself through her body.

Our Guest Today:

Jennie Gall is the owner of Releve, a Pilates studio in Ripon, California. She’s saved by grace through faith and has created a close-nit community for her clients and team to cultivate not just fitness, but relationships. She’s married to a hunky fireman, whom she has three boys with. Oh and she’s a self proclaimed cat lady.

In this episode she shares how prior to her knee injury she motivated herself by beating herself up. Finally, after months of referring to her knee as the "dumb knee" and something almost separate from herself she embraced it and her body as fine china.

Would you treat fine china with such lack of care?

You'll really love her perspective and intuitive use of:

  • Gratitude Perspective Shift (G.P.S.)
  • Law of Focus
  • Patience

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