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The hottest topic in the industry at the moment is, without doubt, Artificial Intelligence. At some point during the discussion in pretty much every podcast interview I've published in the last 12 months, we talked about the implications and use-cases of AI in recruiting. But, taking a step back, do we really understand what Artificial Intelligence is and do we have enough understanding in the industry to sensibly debate its implications and use-cases.

To help me answer these questions, I'm delighted that my guest this week is Rob McCargow, AI Programme Leader at PwC and Advisory Board Member for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

In the interview we discuss:

• The definition of Artificial Intelligence and why it is such a hot topic

• Cutting through mythology and hype

• Applications, use-cases and risks

• The dangers of biased data

• Potential workforce displacement and what employers should be doing now to deal with it

Rob also shares his thoughts on AI's likely effect on recruiting and talks about the adjustments PwC are making to their workforce strategy.

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