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385: EMBODIED WEEK 3: Four Spiritual Laws to go from "I hate this part of my body" to "I love my whole body and treat it like fine china"

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Release Date: 04/25/2018

EMBODIED week 3: These five upcoming episodes are here for us to understand how to use Law of Attraction and purposeful manifestation to transform our bodies. Physical transformation is not solely diet & exercise and we'll explore why! Every other week we'll alternate between an interview of a fitness friend who has had an experience that could have destroyed her and how she learned to love herself through her body.

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Our Topics Today:

  • Changing self-talk from seeing flaws as separate entities on our body to incorporating them into the wholeness of who we are
  • G.P.S. Gratitude Perspective Shift: Using a lens of gratitude and "what am I becoming" or "what good is happening from this?" instead of viewing the problem as is and staying in the problem or attracting more similar problems to us
  • Law of Focus:
    • What you focus on you find
    • What you focus on grows
    • What you focus on seems real
    • What you focus on you ultimately become
  • Fine China: How to view your body as valuable and priceless as fine china to take care of it vs. berate it

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