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Release Date: 05/06/2018

On episode 119 of ATARI BYTES, there's magic all around us.

*Waits patiently for my Dr. Strange cape to wrap itself around me. Nothing happens. I sigh heavily and move on.*

We're playing the 1983 Mythicon game SORCERER. The wizards fight the sorcerer - you - for the treasure Pitfall Harry apparently left behind. We'll take Harry's leftovers. We're not picky. You could wonder why, if you're a sorcerer, you can't just conjur your own treasure. But perhaps it's best not to ask so many questions. The plot in this week's story doesn't just have holes. It has craters. Bring your climbing equipment. 

Here's a link to the complex.com 50 greatest Saturday morning cartoons we talked about.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs "Take a Chance", "Reformat", and "Pinball Spring".

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