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HYPTG - How You Play the Game

Episode 5: EAs Daniel Lingen

HYPTG - How You Play the Game
Released on Apr 30, 2018

Daniel Lingen is a video games industry original. The nerd love child of Destructoid, Electronic Arts, and World of Warcraft. Daniel started at Electronic Arts as an intern, hung out with Ozzy Osbourne, helped EA produce several crazy E3 events, sometimes with helicopters, or with Snoop Dogg, all while secretly dreaming of becoming EA’s first Executive Guild Master (in Azeroth). Daniel and his team currently lead player engagement across all of EA’s official social channels, including the brand voice of the franchises.

As you will discover in this conversation, Daniel is one of the leading voices for gamers and game culture both inside and outside of EA. Don’t miss this How You Play The Game episode! 

Daniel Lingen, EA

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Music by Brock Berrigan