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Live Q + A Day: the quick, the raw, the truth to your Qs


Release Date: 05/09/2018

LIVE Q + A episode!
The quick raw truth to any questions the live audience had today ✨

👉 Next week's HOL:FIT Talks, I’ll be taking you on an hour long tour of our HEALTHY HOME

👉 It's Green Clean Month: May 21 - 28th I'll be doing live insta every day taking you room by room and showing you the best ever green cleaning DIY recipes! Head over here to grab the prep checklist: http://bit.ly/hfoilswc You'll also notice it's free product month if you get started with doTERRA. Details at that link

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👉 May 23rd will be the last broadcast and then taking summer off. Will be back Sept 5th. I’ll continue to share education + lifestyle snippets on Insta Stories - follow @hol_fit

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Happy early Mothers Day to the true leaders in our world ...
Thank you for ...
🌸 All the good you are circulating through the simple acts of love, health + responsibility you take in your own home
🌸 Your commitment to growth daily - you are the ripple effect.
🌸 Taking care of yourself - we are all on the receiving end of this. We love you, we value you!