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Ep. 044 Greatest Steelers Running Back

Steelers Outpost Podcast
Released on Jun 26, 2018

Greatest Steelers Running Back

We’re going to take issue with a recent ranking we saw of the Steelers all-time best running backs.  The list was:

  1. Franco Harris
  2. Jerome Bettis
  3. Willie Parker
  4. Le’Veon Bell
  5. John Henry Johnson

Now, it appears that the compilers of this list were looking at the RB’s entire Steeler career, but Steelers Outpost likes to take nuanced view of these things.

There’s no accounting for a team’s era, coaches, playing style, etc.  So we just looked purely at the statistics for each of the premier Steelers RB’s first five years in Pittsburgh (the number of years that Le’Veon has played).

 Nick and I have a disagreement about how to measure "great".  Nick insists it's the total package: running and receiving.  If you include receiving, there's no doubt that Le'Veon dominates statistically.

If you want to have a debate, though, there is much to commend either Franco or Jerome as the dominant RB.

Check out the episode. Let us know if any of our arguments are compelling and let us know what you think.


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