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Steelers Outpost Podcast

Ep. 046 Football vs. Futbol

Steelers Outpost Podcast
Released on Jul 9, 2018

Football vs. Futbol

 Iceland with .001% of our population advances in the World Cup.  Why doesn't the USA put out a juggernaught soccer team?!  

Given our abject lack of knowledge of soccer, we take on this question in this episode.

We think it has to do with the fact that our best athletes stop playing soccer after they're 5 years old.  Why?  It's hard to figure because soccer pays now.  There are a lot more outlets beyond the MLS... Europe, South America.....No OTAs

Could it be that there's no SCORING?!

To our international compatriots we offer our apologies. We are Luddites in the world's most beloved sport.   We pledge to bring someone on the show in the near future who actually knows soccer.

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