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409: Tyesha Roman shares how she healed ALCOHOLISM with FORGIVENESS

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Release Date: 08/16/2018

Tyesha Roman is a Personal Trainer and Mindset coach who coaches women to live a life of health love & freedom. Her experience with weight issues and alcohol has set her down dark and lonely paths she never wants to see another woman on. She is a mother of two and wife who dedicates her time to inspiring woman to do more and become more all starting with self love. She is very passionate about self healing and overcoming obstacles that holds us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.


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At Love, Abundance, Trust, Flow podcast we tap into the ENERGY of LOVE, knowing its a force & not an emotion we earn. We switch to an ABUNDANCE mindset that sets us free from diets & debt and we TRUST in ourselves because we realize are the only source CERTAINTY in our lives. Once we do this we get into a state of FLOW where the marvelous creations in our mind will manifest in the material world.

Hi, I’m Lauren Herrera and in my 18 years in fitness I’ve discovered women need more than diet and exercise to have a physical transformation AND that the “I’ll be happy when” mentality around weight loss is a losing battle – we must learn to be happy as is before the transformation will take place.

What’s left out of the personal training industry and that you’ll find here are the gaps in emotion, mindset, spirituality and income that cause us to sabotage our best diet & exercise endeavors.

This show isn’t just about our body; it’s about life, career, relationships and finance and all the opportunities we have to level up our feelings, thoughts and behaviors to re-create our ideal self.

Each week I’ll dive into proactive growth, chat with friends and provide you tools to create internal motivation that will help you choose better feelings, thoughts and behaviors in every area of your life!

Head over to laurenherrera.com/latf to find out more about my 6-week intensive or 6-month deep dive into making Love, Abundance & Trust create Flow in your life.