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#38: Zach Oldenkamp "An Intimate Conversation"

Waiting To Dry

Release Date: 10/02/2018

Zach Oldenkamp invites us to his SF home and we get right into it! Is his art dark comedy? Why does he prefer graphite? What's behind the luchador masks? We talk about his drawing “Blue As Your Blood“ and about intimacy, titling pieces, and his concept artist job. We also talk about another drawing of his which leads to talk about his many group shows, hints about a new series, his artist origins, arguing about aesthetics, his time at the Safehouse Atelier, his top 5 dead or alive, and his hilarious answer to David Choe Money! Check out his upcoming shows:

The Moleskine Project In London

12x12 Pop-up Show In Chicago

Salut Nucleus Portland

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