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419: BONUS Training!! 12 ways you're operating in FEAR & 11 ways to use LOVE

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Release Date: 10/19/2018

Hi Love,
Guess what!? This is a MAJOR bonus episode because it just keeps getting better. You have a 37-minute training with this episode and an invitation to a roundtable discussion next Wednesday (10/24 at 5:30p pacific time) to discuss your thoughts and feelings.
Go here to register: bit.ly/imenoughpart2
And - if you want to go to the next level with me in 2019 and you sign up for Private or Group coaching, not only will you get a MASSIVE amounts of gifts, you'll get TWO MONTHS coaching for free.
All November & December, on the house. (offer ends November 4th at 7p pacific time email lauren@laurenherrera.com if you want a spot reserved.)
--> Here's what to do next:
1.) Listen to this episode and/or watch the slides at https://youtu.be/zYw4M85UYc0 
2.) Take notes of the TOP 3 ways using the energy of FEAR is showing up in your life.
3.) Take notes of the TOP 3 ways you’d like to use the energy of LOVE in your life.
4.) We meet again next week for a round table discussion and an actual “how to.” bit.ly/imenoughpart2