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424: What Rules & Beliefs do you Need to Shift to stop Feeling Shitty?

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Release Date: 11/22/2018


Well, not *the* rules, my rules.

I thought for sure my first Thanksgiving as a single woman would cause me pain…

That I’d regret the things I did and didn’t do.

That I’d feel alone.

That I’d feel like I failed.

Looking back - this year wasn’t easy by any means, but it had massive wake-up calls.

Becoming the woman I am now required me to lean into my vision and embrace decisions that while mostly uncomfortable would form me into the human being I am today.

2018 was a year of process for me.

2018 was a year of experiencing the visions I created in my mind.

2018 was a year of deciding exactly what I want.

According to “the rules” I should be unhappy, I should hate my ex and I should already be in a new relationship.

But that’s not what’s happening and it’s not happening because…

I. Make. The. Rules.

Not your rules, my rules.

Not my family’s rules, my rules.

Not an American’s rules, my rules.


Rules are beliefs.

Rules are your code of conduct.

Rules are freedom.

—> It’s the day before Thanksgiving in the US and for some, it’s a racist holiday.

And while I am in full appreciation of who I am…

And while I am going to offer you an exclusive invite to a new program…

I’m not going to say Happy Thanksgiving or offer a Black Friday Sale.

—> I’m not fully on board with either of the sentiments.

One glamorizes colonization and genocide.

One exploits people’s feelings of lack.

Take it or leave it, these are my rules — My beliefs.

I consistently re-frame any negative feelings I have about any subject by starting from the top…

-> My culture

-> My family

-> Myself

…To decide which rules or beliefs make sense to me.

HEAR THIS: Your discord, discomfort and unworthiness has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU…

It has everything to do with the beliefs belonging to someone else applied to your life.

That’s why every single day I show up…

-> Online

-> On MP3 (haha, that’s the podcast)

-> On email

-> On DM/PM/text

—> Each day I help all my people dismantle the adopted beliefs they take on as their own that make them feel like shit.

I help people shift the shit.

I help people break lineages of unlovable.

I help people finally feel enough.

If you’re ready, here’s the invite I mentioned earlier, you can join me for a brand new program - Shift the Shit, beginning in January 2019.

It’s totally new.

I actually *paid* someone to develop it with me, because I know dismantling cultural and familial beliefs are what’s necessary for men and women to finally feel worthy - to finally experience love in the deepest meaning of the word.

If you want the details just email me with a “hell yes” in the subject line! lauren@laurenherrera.com

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