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Advanced Football Analytics

AFA Podcast - Sterling Xie (10/30/15)

Advanced Football Analytics
Released on Oct 30, 2015

Sterling Xie (Football Outsiders, Bleacher Report) returns to review his preseason projections. He and Dave begin by looking at the results we've seen so far from the Detroit Lions and speculate what sorts of changes fans can expect to see with a new offensive coordinator. They then discuss the Vikings, and try to decipher the discrepancies between the team's record and DVOA as well as what to take away from Teddy Bridgewater's performance through six games.

Next, Sterling discusses his research on the top defensive front sevens in the NFL and explains which metrics he chose to isolate front seven performance. The episode finishes with a discussion of Sterling's work following the Patriots each week and which units he's watching closely in the second half of the season.