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Advanced Football Analytics

AFA Podcast - Laura Albert McLay

Advanced Football Analytics
Released on Jan 6, 2016

On today’s episode of the Advanced Football Analytics Podcast, Professor Laura Albert McLay of the University of Wisconsin-Madison joins Dave to discuss her work on operations research in Football. Professor McLay outlines her research into different ways to use analytics to predict the selections of the College Football Playoff committee and how a logistic regression Markov chain provided the best predictive results. She explains how selecting the top teams in college football is similar to how Google ranks websites, and how operations research tools can help answer questions about the “quality” of a team’s season.

Dave and Professor McLay finish out the episode with a look at other Football questions that Operations Research can help answer, such as fourth down decision-making, two-point conversions and even scheduling.

Read more of Professor McLay’s work at her website, Punk Rock Operations Research, and make sure to check out her new podcast on the subject as well.