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Collider (Audio Edition - All Shows)

Will Kylo Ren Die Before Luke? - Jedi Council

Collider (Audio Edition - All Shows)
Released on Nov 30, 2017

Today is November 30th, 2017 and its an all new Collider Jedi Council hosted by Ken Napzok with Mark Reilly and Ash Crossan. Today the Council discusses:

Star Wars Movie News

• Rolling Stone article discusses The Last Jedi’s tone, Leia’s story not changed, Daisy Ridley not wanting to play Rey after Ep 9, and some insight from Hamil into Luke’s Mindset

• Q & A with Rian Johnson reveals three BTS shots

• Empire magazine reveals two covers and picture of Snoke

• Daisy Ridley press tour! She touches on the lines between Good and Evil being blurred in TLJ and how she was more surprised of the storyline this time around

• TV Spot reveals Chewie hits a Porg (Good!)

What’s the Deal with Canon

• Battlefront II sales and uproar affect EA’s stocks

• Marvel Star Wars 39

• Mace Windu #4

• Trawn: Alliances cover

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