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Mormon Dolphin Sexy Morals

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 07/08/2014

You're probably wondering what appliance you buy for your home so that you can breath pure unadulterated ozone.  Find out why ionizing air purifiers will fuck you up.  Have you not joined yet?  What the hell?!  Thanks to some fantastic listeners and friends of the show, we have more free FFRF memberships to offer those who can't afford one at this time.

A NoMo On ExMos

Podcast host and resident of Catfish Creek Trailer Park, David Michael joined us live.  The "MyBookOfMormonPodcast" is your guide to all that is the Mormon church.  David, a non-Mormon (NoMo) decided to read the Book of Mormon and find out exactly what those Mormon's are so proud of.

David offers some tips on making Christians feel like dumbasses without one mean or antagonistic word.  It will be my new approach from now one and I can't wait to try it.

Also because he's one of those evil Atheists, he's helping raise funds for those needing counseling in their transition out of Mormonism.  http://whitefieldseducational.org/mybookofmormonpodcast

Our Newest Patrons!

I must thank all our Patrons who support the show with your hard earned dollars.  Thank you!  This week we were blessed with a few new ones:

  • George Greene
  • George Romaka
  • Kathi Shepherd
  • Alan Firth
  • Clair Brake
  • Kevin Korb
  • Kerryn Armstrong

May your orgasm cup runneth over.

Professor Stephen

Woo Woo - Professor Stephen

Probably the most scary of all Woo Woo Snake Oil Science Segments to date.  Professor Stephen tells us just how to destroy your lungs with air purifiers.  Say No To Ozone!


Dolphin Sex!

Dolphin penis expert, Dave Foda joined us live for a lively discussion or morals.  Unfortunately we ran out of time but we have plans to beg him back on for more.  This morality stuff is fascinating and it's almost like wrapping your head around quantum theory.

Listener Voicemails

We didn't forget them, we simply ran out of time.  Next week though, I promise.  The voicemails from 828.565.1262 were in queued up to play, but with 3 interruptions from Pastor Roy, our special guests and wonderful callers, we just didn't have the time.

Pastor Roy Prayer Line

Pastor Roy investigates the "happy endings" at Diamond's massage business.  Rupert shares a public safety announcement on M-80s and their use in fishing and Pastor Roy offers answers and healing to some Catfish Creek Trailer Park residents who called in with questions.

You can now leave a message for Pastor Roy at 828.565.1262 and he might just tell you the message Jesus has for you.

Thanks to Doc. Nicholas and...

all the others who called in during the show.  It's fantastic to hear from real people instead of these one-off conversations with the voices in my head.  We are live each Monday night at 7PM EST and you can join us next week.  Get more info at www.aoa.fm/aoafm

It Ain't Over - FFRF

Two weeks ago on the show we decided to give away some FFRF.org memberships.  Last week we went crazy with an offer for 20 new members and this was matched by listener and friend of the show, Konrad Michels. The next day, several others asked how they could help and so I set up a GoFundMe page just for FFRF sponsorships.   (Get your FFRF membership)

If you aren't familiar with the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) they are the best hope we have at righting the Religious Right's wrongs.  You can learn more here: http://mythunderstoodalliance.com/055-ffrf/ or you can just get the shorter version here:

If You're So Sure About It All...

then why the fuck must you scour the mundane for something to claim?  Every chance the Christian gets to claim a miracle, they do.  Yet they are always the most mundane and simplistic.  Keys, a job, a term paper - those aren't miracles asshole!

This week I rant a bit on this whole miracle bullshit and why I think Christians must claim everything only because they really and truly don't find the evidence satisfying.