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064 Gay, Atheist, Liberal & Black

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 09/09/2014

My eyeballs leaked a little last night.  One caller shared the trials of being black, gay, liberal and an Atheist living in Texas.  He has a great attitude while sharing what many would find reasonable to cause depression and anger.  Of all the challenges, the one that causes him the most grief is being black.  It hurt my heart as he shared but I believe he has found new hope from those that responded to his story last night.

Of course, Pastor Roy's message was a hit and Professor Stephen did an outstanding job once again.  Matt Slick, from CARM.org joined the chatroom and later joined us via our live video feed on Google Hangouts.  Unfortunately he was offended when his antics were matched by Bill Robins and Dave Foda.  I really enjoyed his appearance but I can say with sincerity that if I was in in shoes and had nothing but word games and transparent arguments I would have left too.

Christian Apologist Matt Slick

Matt Slicks arguments boil down to one thing... a personal experience.  He had one personal experience that provides him with absolution on the truth of Scripture.  When challenged with the personal experiences others have had in their religions, he called it "Demonic".  It's the everybody else's experiences were fake and mine is real argument.

Personal experience is not, by itself, enough reason to believe something is true. And that's just as true for religion as anything else. Our personal experience told us for centuries that the sun orbited the earth. To be reasonably certain that what our experience tells us is probably true, we need to rely on rigorous testing of hypotheses. Pass it on: if we say it enough times to enough people, it may get across. - Greta Christina

It could be fear or a combination of fear, indoctrination, confirmation biases and others that prevent Matt from looking at his "proof" from a position of reason and logic.  My optimism gets the better of me and I long for the day he sees the light.  What a huge asset he would be to our movement.  No longer would he be restricted by Bronze Aged ideologies, no longer would he be required to employ dishonest and squirely  answers, instead he'd be free to think, free to reason and certainly would encourage others to do the same.

We had numerous connection problems which caused many not to be able to talk with us live.  I do however record a raw file and then post it on Stitcher, iTunes, Spreaker and Libsyn in it's full glory.  Click play above to listen to it here or use your favorite podcast app.


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