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070 Rachel Nanon Brown - Evolution

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 12/15/2014

Rachel Brown vs. Megan Fox

Rachel Nanon BrownLikely our best episode yet, this hillbilly podcast made a giant leap in smart content when Professor Stephen began the Snake Oil Woo Woo Segment and offered his insight to all of my incessant ramblings - but tonight we had the brilliant, talented and beautiful Rachel Nanon Brown on the show too!  Rachel endured the entire show from front to back and offered insight into the insane anti-evolution ideas so commonly echoed in the conservative young earth religitard's mantra.

Show me the video of evolution!
Where are the missing links?
How did it all start?
Life can't come from non-life!
If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Rachel doesn't hesitate as she takes them all on.  She delivers an education in layman's terms so that even I can keep up.  My arsenal grows with each podcast thanks to many of our intelligent listeners, Professor Stephen and now a triple dose with Rachel Brown.

And yes, I am begging and pleading with Rachel to become a regular on the show.  (fingers crossed and prayers in air)

You can find Rachel on Facebook here.

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Quitcher Bitch'n

We already know, we missed Professor Stephen's Snake Oil Woo Woo segment.  We have scrambled the clean up crew and the spin doctors already and will be attempting to bring this missing segment to you as a bonus before January's live show.  Be on the lookout for that very soon.