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071 - Chiropractic Woo - Debunking Evolution

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 01/12/2015

Death eluded us all night.  The scheduled topic was "death" but being such a short show, we were unable to fit it in this week.  Fortunately though - it got bumped by our incredible callers, our newest host (Rachel Nanon Brown) and a lively discussion about Chiropractic medicine woo woo.  All in all, it's jam packed and may take you a day or two to get through it all.

Rachel Joins Atheists On Air

Can I get a woot woot?  Talk about feeling unarmed and outnumbered, with the addition of Rachel Nanon Brown along with Professor Stephen, this poorly educated Hillbilly is feeling overwhelmed - in a good way though!  You know Rachel from Dogma Debate where she co-hosted along side of David Smalley for years.  Rachel is addicted to that shit they call science and she's well versed in the theory of evolution. (Its just a theory though.)

So much about everything in life can be explained by the evolutionary processes.  If you think you didn't have plenty to learn already, Atheists On Air proudly welcomes Rachel to the team.  Be sure to say hi by visiting her Facebook page and leaving a comment.

Death Will Try Again

On our next show, I promise (pinky promise) to discuss Atheists and the Afterlife including the pains of dealing with death.

Chiropractic Medicine Woo

Professor Stephen tackled the 95% snake oil woo woo science known as Chiropractic medicine.  In this segment, Professor Stephen compared chiropractic stuffs with massage therapy and real medicine like physical therapy.  Follow the twists and turns in this special segment and learn all you ever need to know about the almost as good as a massage practice called Chiropracty. (real urban dictionary word)

Holiday Gatherings Offer Propaganda Opportunities

Rachel found a sciencey looking magazine during a holiday gathering.  Apparently placed specifically so that she would find, read and be converted to creationism.  The articles unfolded the "worst" arguments against evolution that she's ever seen.   Rachel takes us through their dishonest articles and their supposed studies referenced.

You know you're fucked when you must appeal to authority but must bastardize what the authorities said in order to make your case.

Be sure to take your Ginko before hearing this takedown by Rachel.  You'll want to remember it for future rebuttals.

More Supporters

I called out some very special fans who've taken us over the 100 supporter mark at Patreon.com/atheists.  Thanks to you for parting with your hard earned dollars and supporting the show.  We know there are a million places that you could lend a hand and have chosen to help us continue our quest to save the fucking world.

We are only about 30 people away from reaching our goal and going weekly with the show (assuming a $10 pledge) but realistically if about 300 out of our thousands of fans could support us with a dollar, we'd hit that goal and be able to maintain a regular weekly show.

SPECIAL LETTERS: I'd be checking my mail if I were you.  Many of our biggest fans and supporters will be receiving a special envelope in the mail this week.  Custom artwork on the outside by non other than - me.  It's just our way of saying thank you and spreading some love back at ya!


We were graced by some awesome people via the phone lines.  A special thanks Stephanie Jones for once again getting them answered and ready to go live.  Thank you for calling in.

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