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Atheists And Death

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 02/09/2015

Aren't you scared of death?  You don't have Heaven.

How did you feel in 1834?   What's that?  You didn't exist then and therefore didn't feel anything - well that is exactly how I'll feel when I'm dead.  NOTHING.  In this episode, the largest turnout of listeners, commenters, callers and guests joined us for a lively discussion on death, memories, Near Death Experiences and the challenge it is for some after they've believed for years they will join friends in family in Heaven - to only discover that in fact - they won't.


A con-job of enormous proportions, religion for centuries has used the afterlife to manipulate and rob us from this one life, here and now.  This afterlife has two parts, the carrot at the end of the stick to motivate blind allegiance, unquestioning loyalty and of course your hard earned cash; the other, the stick - no carrot but a threat of eternal torture for the sin of not worshipping how and when they like.

Easily, the case can be made that religion has inflicted the most cruel and inhumane ideas on humanity.

I'll Never See Them Again

Yes, it's true - I've accepted it.  I'll never see my brother or my sister again.  It was the biggest challenge for me to overcome once I realized that there was and is no God.  But I like many others, suffered through and quashed the anger from the lies we had been told for decades and now appreciate life much, much more.

Incredible Guests

Rachel, Professor Stephen and I we were joined by some very intelligent fans who shared much on this broad topic and we hope you enjoy it as well.