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076 Skepticism, Politics, & A Little Bit of Creationism Bitching

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 06/02/2015

Rachel Rants


Neanderthals and creationism… they don’t mix well: Rachel is pissed off by an obviously fallacious claim made by a scummy creationist.



SCOTUS and the new POTUS 


Professor Stephen informs us about SCOTUS and the importance of the next presidential election. If a crazy theocrat gets elected, in could cause harm for decades to come, due to one supreme court nomination. Rene Davis Pelt calls in to concur.



Voicemails, emails, and Facebook Messages


Thank you all so much for your messages. They mean the world to us.



Crazy Preacher Calls in Again


“Reverend” Duncan Waters calls in again, and his grandson Bobby keeps fucking with his notes.



Holy Hoodeewhos and “The Skeptic”


Professor Steve II sent us some comedy sketches, and they are hilarious! Yes, biologists can be funny too!



All About Skepticism


What is it? What is it not? How do people misrepresent, and misunderstand it? How has it changed the world? How has it changed your life? What does skepticism have to say about religion? How is it we have so many politicians that don’t know a fucking thing about it? 

Shane Thrapp and David call in and we discuss Skepticism.



Fallacy Roundup 1


Rachel and Professor Stephen go through some common logical fallacies and talk about how they have seen them used.



Snake Oil Science Woo Woo Segment


Professor Stephen stumbled upon a news article that claims that a scientist has evidence that astrology works. He and Rachel use their amazing skeptic powers and scientific journal searches to investigate and get to the bottom of this. It turns out… well you’ll have to listen to find out.