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KQEK.com --- Interview with film composer Brian Reitzell (2016)

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Release Date: 03/03/2016

I'm back with the first of several podcasts, after taking an extended break to finish up a new experimental doc, BSV 1172.

2016 starts with an interview with the esteemed Brian Reitzell on scoring NBC’s Hannibal, of which music from Season 3 was recently released digitally and on CD from Lakeshore Records and on LP via Invada Records.

Reitzell also discusses musique concrete, working with David Slade, Tangerine Dream, and using vintage analogue synthesizers.

This interview is also available as a visual podcast. Visit KQEK.com for more info.

Additional info on the making of the visual podcast (which involved a vintage video synthesizer) is available at my filmmaking site, Big Head Amusements.

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