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KQEK.com --- Scanners actor Stephen Lack at The Royal Cinema (2016)

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Release Date: 04/21/2016


As part of Reel Canada's National Canadian Film Day celebrations, actor and artist Stephen Lack participated in a lengthy Q&A with NOW Magazine's senior film writer Norman Wilner after a free screening of David Cronenberg's cranium-cracking classique Scanners (1981) at Toronto's Royal Cinema.

Topics include Scanners’ 35 years of cult fame, blowing up Louis Del Grande’s head, co-star Patrick McGoohan, director Cronenberg, make-up whiz Dick Smith, and The Rubber Gun, a 1977 film co-written by Lack and director Allan Moyle which is seeking a Canadian partner in assembling a special edition release using rare materials from Lack’s own private archives.

Following this slightly edited version of the half-hour Q&A are my editorial thoughts on the ongoing problems in finding indie, art, cult, and CanCon tax shelter classics (such as Kings and Desperate Men) on DVD and as digital downloads.

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