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The Cabral Concept

669: The Missing Brain Chemical That Boosts Motivation, Drive, Focus & Feeling Alive! (TWT)

The Cabral Concept
Released on Dec 5, 2017

Too often we're just labeled by our doctors, society, or the media as being depressed, anxious, apathetic, ADD, or exhibiting "addictive behaviors...

Then, pharmaceutical companies would have us treat our natural symptoms of bodily and brain dis-ease with unnatural synthetic drugs that don't actually explain why you feel this way, or how you got here...

However, since we know there is always a reason why the body gets out of balance or begins to feel a certain way we can begin to look at your symptoms as to what may be running in short supply...

On today's #CabralConcept 669 I want to share with you the missing brain chemical that boosts motivation, drive, focus, and feelings of being alive - Enjoy the show!

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