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The Cabral Concept

675: How to Get Out of a Funk & Into a Flow State Today (MM)

The Cabral Concept
Released on Dec 11, 2017
The dictionary defines being in a "funk" as a state of depression or trying to avoid a task or thing out of fear...
Simply put, I think we can all relate to being in a funk as feeling like you're stuck in quick sand and that no matter what you do you only seem to sink deeper into the hole you're in…
Since none of us want to remain in this state, we need to be able to flip the switch whenever we want in order to get into a flow state where everything in life seems to move us effortlessly to our goals...
Tune into today's #CabralConcept 675 to learn how to get out of a funk and into a flow state today - Enjoy the show! 
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