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The Cabral Concept

686: 8 Air Pollution Dangers, Cancer-Causing Cookware, Dairy-Free Appetizer Recipe (FR)

The Cabral Concept
Released on Dec 22, 2017

I believe there’s no point in getting overly fearful of all the environmental pollutants around us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking measures to protect ourselves…

Today, I want to share with you 8 health issues that can be directly attributed to pollutants and what you can do about combating them…

I also want to review the top cancer causing cookware materials (what to stay away from), as well as the safe alternatives you should be using instead…

And finally, on today’s #FridayReview of the #CabralConcept 686 I’ll reveal a delicious #dairyfree appetizer you can snack on or bring to your next holiday party – Enjoy the show!

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