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Canned Air: A Tribute to Comics and Pop Culture

Canned Air #180 Comix Central

Canned Air: A Tribute to Comics and Pop Culture
Released on Apr 19, 2017
Ready for another spectacular episode of everyones favorite podcast? We all return to the table this week and welcome Leigh Jeffery of to the show.

We start this weeks episode off by celebrating the film career of one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood. He’s hunted for national treasure, defeated a plane full of convicts, and switched faces with John Travolta! Having brought us so many memorable movie moment, we dedicate this week’s Retro Roundtable to Nicolas Cage!

Then we talk with Leigh all about her new website that gives independent comic creators a place to network, Been looking for an illustrator or writer for your next project? Perhaps your just a fan of independent comics and are looking for a website similar to Comixology full of independent comics. Look no further than This is another great episode that you definatly shouldn’t miss!
Outro song ‘Centerfold’ in memory of J. Geils, who we lost April 11th, 2017.