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Case 53: Bonus 1 – Interviews

Casefile True Crime

Release Date: 06/15/2017

Interviews with Jane Carson-Sandler & Carol Daly

Jane Carson-Sandler survived the brutal attack and rape of the East Area Rapist in the October of 1976. She is the fifth known survivor. She was in bed with her three-year-old son when they were attacked. Her attack had come off the back of around a month of hang up calls. These calls had escalated, and one time, Jane told the caller to stop, the voice then told her he was going to kill her husband. Police who were not linked to the Rapist investigation assured the family it sounded like a prank.

Just before Jane's attack, she reported a break-in to police. She had found muddy footprints on the carpet under her son's window, and upon further inspection of the house, she realised inexpensive jewellery had been stolen. Detectives who investigated were not the officers working the rape cases, so weren't privy to previous attacks. They reassured her it seemed like the work of kids.

Jane had links to the medical field, the armed forces as well as the education system. Three sections of the community to come up again and again throughout the series.

You heard during the series that Detective Carol Daly began working the East Area Rapist cases from the day of Jane's attack. Jane's crime scene was the first encounter that Carol had with any survivor of the rapist. Carol's life and career were changed that day. Carol went on to be an integral figure in the support and rehabilitation for survivors of rape, both those by the East Area Rapist as well as others.