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The Authority Maker

Released on Dec 26, 2017

Anthony Franck is on a mission to help people market themselves into new opportunity, growth, sales and profits in their business by showing them how to become the “Go-To" Expert people want to recommend and refer business to regularly.

He recently co-founded his new Live Event Immersion Experience “The Authority Maker Bootcamp” to help Authors, Coaches, Consultants, C-Suite executives and serial entrepreneurs improve their positioning, stay cutting edge on what they can do to outwork and out hustle the competition & Make More Profits.

Anthony Franck relies upon 17 years of “in-the-trenches” experience managing and leading people. He is passionate in his pursuit to understand what makes businesses grow and achieve success. He applies a “new-school meets old-school proven” perspective to every project, and provides his clients with the right set of strategies to implement so they can grow their business. Anthony Franck has an expertise related to Internet Marketing and all things Digital Marketing: Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Ads, Social Media.

In his downtime, Anthony enjoys beautiful Las Vegas weather, spending time playing frisbee golf or traveling with his clients to live events and seminars.

The Authority Maker Bootcamp is sure to help you grow your business and give you a MASSIVE leg up on your competitors. Building Relationships and teaching people how to monetize them is one of Anthony’s favorite parts about social media.