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The Power of Branding

Released on Jan 3, 2018

AJ is proof of the power of branding. He began his entrepreneurial journey in the same way he began life—dirt broke and against the odds. Nonetheless, AJ set out to impact lives across America as a motivational speaker. With no capital, limited education, and little experience, he knew that in order to achieve the success he would have to develop an unfair competitive advantage.

AJ became obsessed with learning how to build a brand that would get attention and convey his unique value in the marketplace. He realized that in order to win in business…a brand needed to connect emotionally, personally, and authentically. Today, AJ is a sought-after keynote speaker who has spoken to hundreds of audiences across the globe.

It didn’t take long for colleagues and social media followers to notice AJ’s success and talent for branding and social media strategy. As demand for his expertise grew, AJ realized entrepreneurs and businesses needed a systematic process for developing a brand strategy to attract and engaged with their ideal clients and customers. He created that systematic process and D6Media was born.

Only 6 months after launching D6Media, AJ captured the attention of some of the best minds in branding, including Bernt Ullmann, CEO of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands and the “Chief Brand Accelerator” behind global and celebrity brands like FUBU, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, Nikki Minaj, and many others. Soon after, a partnership was created and today D6Media provides brand strategy and development services for top celebrities, pro athletes, and lifestyle brands.

When he’s not building his business empire, AJ spends his time trying new restaurants with his wife, hanging out with his three kids, and working out at the gym. He also has a blast finding exciting and perhaps, even dangerous experiences that invigorate his spirit.