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Lasting Weight Loss and Eating Right for Your Archetype with Melissa Kathryn

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Release Date: 03/14/2016

Welcome! My guest today is Melissa Kathryn, who is a certified holistic nutritionist, weight-loss and lifestyle expert. She is a transformational coach and international best-selling author and speaker. She is the owner and founder of Melissa Kathryn, LLC, which is a holistic weight loss and lifestyle practice. From her home in California, Melissa helps hundreds of women around the world to transform their bodies and lives through the power of healthy living, nutrition, and fitness. Melissa has been featured in many publications and media shows. Her recent book is Eat Right for Your Archetype. You do not want to miss this conversation with Melissa!

Melissa shares the following:

  • Like many young women, Melissa remembers looking in the mirror, not liking what she saw, and attributing all of her problems to her weight.
  • Emotional eating was the result as she became sensitive and over-reactive to body image issues.
  • Melissa had an unhealthy relationship with her body and became a chronic dieter after college.
  • Ten years later, she swung the other direction, becoming a nutritionist and doing fitness competitions. Six months later, however, she was back to her old, unhealthy habits!
  • What was the problem? Melissa realized that she was “programmed to fail,” and didn’t think she was worthy of a healthy body.
  • Melissa created a “One-Stop Shop” for women, encompassing nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle.
  • How do we program ourselves for sustainable change in health?
    • Build up self-care and love to stop sabotaging ourselves.
    • Struggle IS our comfort zone! It’s what we know!
    • Don’t live in the past with blame and regret.
    • Recognize the connection and break FREE!
  • Melissa shares and explains  her four archetypes at the root of who we are:
    • The Avoider-“What I want isn’t possible.”
    • The Sabotager-“I’m always going to be small and can’t reach higher.”
    • The Perfectionist-“I’m not enough.”
    • The Rebel-“It’s ALL or NOTHING.”
  • Even though you may identify with all the archetypes, one will usually stand out to each person and help you understand your problems.
  • To “fix” the problem, you work backwards to the ROOT. You weren’t always this way, so what event or influence caused it?
  • You can take actions to shift your mind; the first action step is to become your biggest advocate and best friend.
  • Melissa says a Self-Care Routine is essential. Learn the benefits of “mirror work” and incorporating more play and pleasure into life!
  • “Where there is lack, you will fill the void with food, so figure out where the lack is.”
  • Replace food with fun. Make a pleasure list of long and short-term things you want to do.
  • “The more alive you feel, the less you want food as your sole love.”
  • “If it’s not attainable and not sustainable, then it’s not maintainable.”
  • Are you eating when you’re hungry? Are you stopping when you’re full? Are you eating out of boredom? Do you NEED all the food on your plate? Melissa discusses how to interpret the answers to these questions and more!
  • Start with small changes. If you don’t work out, then begin with two days/week.
  • You have to trust your body and learn to listen to it!
  • Cravings are usually not from hunger. What do they mean? What do they reveal? Melissa explains, based on the following questions:
    • Am I really hungry?
    • Is food going to solve the problem?
    • What’s going on in my life right now?
    • What can I do instead?

How to reach Melissa and more:

www.melissakathryn.com  (Sign up for Melissa’s free webinar series, Four Weeks to Fat Loss.)

Eat Right for Your Archetype by Melissa Kathryn

Now it’s your turn!


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WHAT has been your biggest challenge while implementing a healthy lifestyle? 

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