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The Acid Bath Murderer - 245 - Generation Why

The Generation Why Podcast
Released on Aug 13, 2017

The Acid Bath Murderer. 1944-49. United Kingdom. A man discovered that his talent for forgery could make him wealthy without having to work for a living. Funding his high class lifestyle and his love for cars was all the motivation he needed. Unfortunately for him, his crimes were reported and he did several stints in prison. Having had enough of that, he decided that all he needed to do was to make his victims disappear. No bodies, he figured, meant that there could be no convictions. From fraudster to murderer, John George Haigh murdered people, dissolved their bodies in drums of acid, and went about the process of absorbing and profiting from their assets. But John Haigh didn't fully understand the law and the law would come down on the head of The Acid Bath Murderer.