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Ali Kemp - 249 - Generation Why

The Generation Why Podcast
Released on Sep 10, 2017

Ali Kemp. June 18, 2002. Leawood, Kansas. When a teen shows up to work at a community pool he cannot locate his older sister. She had worked the previous shift and his arrival was supposed to mean that she could head home. A call to his father brought him out to aid in the search and she was finally discovered in the pool house. She had suffered a sustained, violent attack and was barely clinging to life. Soon after arriving at the hospital, the young woman was pronounced dead. She had been beaten and strangled. The family was heartbroken, but Ali Kemp's father came up with a clever plan to bring her killer to justice. This true crime case is a local one to us and Roger Kemp's actions inspired other states to follow his lead which led to more killers getting caught around the United States in a similar fashion.