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Hamish & Andy

Weds 12th April 2017

Hamish & Andy
Released on Apr 12, 2017

1) River of Gold - Thomas is nervously awaiting his $1000 unforgettable wee!

2) Calls - Unforgettable wees 

3) Caller Jason back on the phone further discussing his Unforgettable Wee - it's too unbelievable! 

4) A guy in the US who tweeted Wendy's asking how many re-tweets he would need to get a years’ worth of nuggets 

5) Andy has found audio proof of Warnie's Toobs campaign! 

6) River of Gold - Thomas' Player Profile 

7) River of Gold - Thomas in the toilet, preparing for the challenge

8) River of Gold - The contest 

9) River of Gold - The aftermath

10) One Song to Cram - Pablo on the phone, he is an expert in Real Madrid 

11) One Song to Cram - Did they cram enough about Real Madrid to answer Pablo's 3 questions?! 

12) Hamish has an update on his quest to make a birthday cake for Sonny with an edible hinge!