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Hamish & Andy

Thur 4th May 2017

Hamish & Andy
Released on May 4, 2017

1 - Welcome to the Crowd Surfing Show - Hamish and Andy launch into the crowd

2 - Hamish and Andy throw to the crowd for some feedback

3 - Welcome Milky Chance

4 - Hamish surfs the crowd on his electronic drum kit as Darren Middleton and Jack slay on guitar

5 - Welcome Amy Shark

6 - Are You Naked with Amy Shark

7 - Hamish and Andy crowd surf on Aladdin's Magic Carpet and smash the 50m speed world record

8 - Luke McGregor tells an amazing joke before leaping into the crowd

9 - The Dismount - Hamish and Andy finish the show by crowd surfing back to the stage