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Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

Five Busts For 2018 & Week 15 Injury News

Harris Fantasy Football Podcast
Released on Dec 15, 2017

Who'll bust next season? We've got some ideas about that, and we'll share them with you today, but not before we also talk about Thursday night's Broncos/Colts game, and also run through the injury news we'll be tracking as we set our lineups for the fantasy semifinals this weekend. Guest: Cousin Josh.



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Josh’s Busts For 2018

5. Devin Funchess

4. Russell Wilson

3. Robby Anderson

2. Dez Bryant

1. Devonta Freeman


Chris’s Busts For 2018

5. Kareem Hunt

4. Adam Thielen

3. LeSean McCoy

2. Devin Funchess

1. Mark Ingram