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Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

Week 16 & The Jimmy Awards

Harris Fantasy Football Podcast
Released on Dec 26, 2017

A lot of fantasy championships have been decided, and we'll talk about that. Many championships will ride on Week 17, and we'll talk about that a little bit, too. Plus since it's the end of the year, we'll do our Third Annual Jimmy Awards: a look back and the best and worst of 2017 and some thoughts about 2018 as well. Enjoy! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve.



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The 2017 Jimmy Awards:

Fantasy MVP for 2017 - DeAndre Hopkins

Biggest Disappointment of 2017 - Dez Bryant

Happiest Discovery of 2017 - Nelson Agholor

Frustrating Guy You Still Believe In For 2018 - Emmanuel Sanders

Good Performing Guy You Don’t Believe In For 2018 - Duke Johnson

Best Call You Made All Year - Zach Ertz won't stink in September

Worst Call You Made All Year - Jordan Howard is a bust because of situation

Biggest Lesson From Doing The Harris Football After-Party All Season - podcasting is difficult...and how quickly you get familiar with listeners

Most Fun Or Craziest Interaction With A HF Podcast Follower This Year: winning people over with a blend of regret and enjoyment

% Chance At Some Point In Your Life You’ll Name A Pet Or Child "Carson" - 7%

Favorite "Prototypically Philadelphia" Moment From Your Actual Life This Year - On Thanksgiving, Eagles and Sixers are amazing, by Christmas they're cooked

% Chance You’ll Come On The Show Next Week To Talk Wild Card Games - 100%!