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122: Managing Long Distance Relationships...Even If You Just Feel Like You're In One

Relationships, Sex, Dating and Marriage Advice - I Do Podcast

Release Date: 11/22/2017

There is nothing harder than being madly in love with someone and not being able to see them everyday. Whether you live in another state or your partner works a lot, finding success in a long distance relationship can be hard. Listen to today's show to learn the tools to create a successful long distance relationship.

In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:  

  • Learn how to gauge if your long distance relationship is going to last.
  • Find out why you should avoid texting your partner too often.
  • How to create novelty and passion to keep the relationship alive and thriving.
  • How simply having kid's can make a relationship feel like it's long distance.
  • Why it's important not to skip over uncomfortable relationship conversations.
  • And much more!

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is an award-winning author and relationship expert. She is the founder and director of Paulette Sherman Group, a psychotherapy and relationship coaching practice and home of numerous award-winning books, including Dating From the Inside Out published by Simon & Schuster. For more than 20 years, Paulette changed the lives of thousands of clients, and shared insight with millions more through expert commentary on over 30 media outlets including MSN, USA Today, The New York Post, The New York Times and many more. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children and works in Manhattan.

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