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79: How To Get People to Take Action. When to Skip the Chain of Command. Sacrificing Short-Term Health to Reach a Goal. What "GOOD" Can Come From a Sick Child?

Jocko Podcast
Released on Jun 13, 2017

0:00:00 - Opening

0:00:42 - How to Deploy Decentralized Command when your team changes very frequently.

0:07:28 - How to, and When to Skip the Chain of Command and go above your direct superior's head.

0:34:20 - How Important is Longevity (a Long Life)?

0:43:20 - Should you sacrifice Health in the short term to reach work objectives?

1:00:42 - How to deal with family members with anger issues.

1:13:33 - How to get people to take action when they over-analyze and over-think.

1:18:41 - Handling a team member who takes "ALL" the responsibility but has sub-standard work. 

1:39:40 - What "GOOD" can come from a sick child??

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2:17:55 - Closing Gratitude.